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Media Asia, 24, 94-98.
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Sex roles stereotyping in Australian television advertisements.Looking at all the past researches conducted around similartopics dealing with sexual media and adolescents, fellow mass media researchersmay be interested in the potential findings about the effects that sexual content ontelevision have on Malaysian youth, and perhaps wish to delve deeper into the topic.To fulfil the objective of the research which was to explore the associations betweenexposure to sexual content in the media and adolescents sex-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours.Your age group: a) 14-15 years b) 16-17 years c) 18-19 years d) 20-22 years2.What kind of shows do you usually watch on television?In 2001, the ratio of HIV positive men to women was 10:1.In his paper, min chatt sex presented at the 4th Nordic Conference onthe Anthropology of Post-Socialism, Vukanovich (2002) states that the televisiondelivers the world into the household, bringing both good and bad influences; thelatter of course, includes sexual laysian Values and Television Malaysia has always prided itself.The portrayal of men and women in US television commercials: A recent analysis and trends over 15 years.This has also led to discussions of a persons right to privacy, medical ethics, and follow-up support for those who have tested positive.In this research, nonprobability samples will be used, since using them allowsan easier investigation of the variable relationships between sexual content and itseffects on Malaysian youth.For instance, there have been many researches in the past that haveinvestigated the consumption of sexual content on media and its correlation withadolescent sexual behaviour, two of which are mentioned in this section.
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Then, researches have also been conducted on assessing correlations betweenviewing of sexual content on television and sexual perceptions and attitudes amongyouth, and two such researches are highlighted in this section.This is due to the factthat this research is entirely restricted to television and youth in Malaysian society, and the government might be concerned with what the outcome of the study is keeping in mind the welfare of the future of the nation which.The Journal of Social Psychology, 135, 351-357.Sex Roles, 26, 243-259.In this research, an experimental and survey research was performed on 244students aged 14-18 years attending a college-oriented suburban high school in LongIsland, New York.He condemns Malaysian TV stationswhich he thinks are more concerned with the program ratings than the content of theprogram.Although the definition of extreme behaviour is not elaborated, it indicatesbehaviours that violate Islams religious teaching.The results supported one of the hypotheses that those participants exposed tosexually explicit videos before responding to sexual scenarios rated the scenarios asless sexual than those not exposed to the videos.Moreover, young people are considered themost vulnerable target for coming under the influence of sexual media as opposedto the older generation.
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(Brown,., 2005) also produced similar results.