Messaging apps have been particularly popular in Asia, where they are used so much that they've become a primary interface to the online social experience for many millions of people.
Other standalone mobile messaging apps catching on in the.S.
Third, messaging will remain, for now, inside.And the reality is that many people, especially teens and those in their twenties, bög videi griup chatt use Facebook more for messaging than anything else, so they can chat with friends.It might also mean that Facebook will shrink the size of its main app, making it work faster and at the very least clearing up a few MB's on your device.However, in early 2014 Facebook withdrew support for its desktop messaging app.Chronology of Facebook Messaging: Before Face book Messenger.Another draw is that the standalone messaging app is more focused than the general Facebook app even as Messenger offers a good number of hidden features. .SMS messaging" or voice calling minutes.
Second, Windows Phone and tablet users will still see messages inside their Facebook apps.

Cons: Animated backgrounds are ad-ridden, Long installation process, Too much bloat 7 4447 votes, pROS: It works!, Chat without other Facebook distractions.A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to, the Verge that stripping Messenger out of the main Facebook app is not a test, and will at some point in the near future happen in every country.Huge Push for Facebook Messenger, in 2012, Facebook continued its intense promotion and development for live chat and messaging services.And Microsoft's Skype provides voip voice calling and would be a competitor, except Skype partnered with Facebook to help provide video calling on the social network's platform.Facebook's regular mobile app had built-in instant messaging capability for a long time, but in 2014 Facebook announced it was phasing out that messaging capability and requiring users to download Facebook Messenger if they wanted to do mobile instant messaging.First, lower-end Android devices with memory constraints won't be required to download Messenger.In the spring and summer of 2012, the mobile app, Facebook Messenger, got new features and a facelift, which made it speedier on mobile phones and offered more message notifications.In December 2012, Facebook signaled what would become a major push of its messaging apps into the Android operating system by releasing yet another version of its Messenger app.There are a few exceptions to the new rule, however.Facebook's plans to become an empire of mobile apps got a little more interesting today as the company began notifying users in a few European countries that in two weeks, they won't be able to message friends through the Facebook app anymore.
Cons: Not optimized for tablets, News feed isn't ordered chronologically 8 4431 votes, download, pROS: Supports chats, voice calls, video calls, Support third party apps, Easy to use.

In an age where home screen real estate value is at its peak, finding a place for one more app could be annoying.
From the start, Facebook Chat was baked into the social network on the desktop or Web, and it worked inside the Web browser, with no separate software required.
It's basically live chat.