Guitar (strumming) Voice Oohs (background).
T 115*At the Copa, Brazil @YJazz Samba StyleIn the style of Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour.
Another news item below.It features electric piano, fretless bass and Latin drums with a backbeat.There may be other flooring stores out there, but End Of The Roll makes every shopping experience feel like a trip down the red carpet.Levey / in ballast Oct 05 brig Eliza Ann Wright 14 August Liverpool to Rodger Dean.5 insts: - Piano, Bass, Drums, Synth Acoustic Guitar.Bass, Tenor sax at 'b'.T Country Boy, Orange Blossom Special @rick_yClassic Ctry, lo (130 RT)Electric Guitar Solo, with midi playing Uptempo Classic Country style ala Ricky Skaggs.Add brass chord shots at 'b'.T90-120*So Good, Give It Up @palo_YLively Jazz-Rock (140 RT)Here is a Jazz-Rock setting for the Dire Electric kerala online chat-rum Guitar Soloist.16ths Rock16th note based Latin Pop feel w/ bass (long tones drums, guitar comp, perc.Bass plays in-2 for A, walks.T 115* Roxanne, Cherry Bomb @chunk_yEv8 Rock, lo (120 RT)Metal Soloist, with midi playing simple but funky groove at a medium-tempo.Drum and piano fills are kept to a minimum.Ave Maria The Homecoming Danny Boy @YKlezmer Style 1Israeli-Jewish style with instrumentation of bass, drums, piano, violin and clarinet.Pemberton / in ballast Oct 11 brig Cherub Selkirk 27 August Liverpool.Bass drum bass emphasize each quarter note.

T Love Letters in the Sand, Lonesome 7-7203, Your Cheatin Heart @C_YMatina - Top40 Country RockTop40 Country Rock style ala groups like Martina McBride, Leann Rines etc.T 80-94* That Kinda Love, I Sure Do @andy_yCtry Rock, w/ it (85 RT)Fiddle Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking, with midi playing Med.26 in the ship Napolean, from Liverpool, the active and successful agent for the Welland Canal Company, on his return.Rock StyleHeavy Metal,.Tempo My Romance, For All We Know, Sentimental Journey @YJazz Ballad 2 styleA very soft 4/4 jazz ballad trio accompaniment style with Piano, bass brushes.Add synth at 'b'.T100*Who Do You Love, Black Cow @YFolk Guitar - 60's Brit PopPop-folk solo guitar style with soft click-track.T60-200*Any 4/4 Church-like music or Hymns @YChurch Organ and Choir 3/4Similar to y except this covers tunes in 3/4 meter.Add bright piano and high strings at 'b'.T87*After the Love Has Gone, 16th Ballads @YCrossWind - Smooth Jazz - ModernA modern smooth jazz style with contrasting A and B sections.Bass (quarters perc (Mambo rhythm brass.

G, Cello (at 'a Strings (at 'b.