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It is very lightweight and runs in the background.
We are evaluating these apps based on their user friendliness and quality of audio.From Mumble Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.It also has plugins for many other platforms including Google Talk and Skype.Ventrilo uses a client-server architecture and you can either run one on your own connection or rent one - many game hosting providers also provide a Ventrilo server.Skype, skype is one of the oldest voice chat apps, having started in 2003.The basic Skype features are free - you can call to any other user with both voice and video for free.
Third Party Applications for more information.
Ventrilo Servers are hosted in secure data-centers located world-wide.

The Ventrilo Client and Server programs are copyright by Flagship Industries, Inc.It is also preferred for the simple User interface that any first time computer User can very quickly learn because the most commonly used features are immediately visible and can be activated with a single click of the mouse.By offering surround sound positioning and special sound effects on a per user, per channel, per server or global configuration level, the program provides each User the option to fully customize sounds from other Users or events.Please check out our.The use of data-centers provides for security, power backup, sufficient internet bandwidth, and maximum uptime.On to our contenders!The applications below may do more than just allow you to voice chatmany also allow you to call telephone numbers or video chat.All text-chat are stored locally on the Client computer.Ventrilo, another application that is geared towards gamers, Ventrilo is a low-latency and efficient voice chat application.One of the more interesting applications I see with Fring is SIP compatibility, which allows you to interconnect with many other phone services for cheap calling rates, or to use it as an office extension.
Google launched their voice service in 2009 after purchasing GrandCentral.